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Deputy General Manager
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Exp., Manager (Perm)


Our culture is made up of deeply ingrained values and behaviors demonstrated by every team member. Value: Bonding We value strong team bonding and a connection with our customers with the spirit to add value Behaviour: Service Through a warm and engaging service, we encourage parents to...
Exp., Manager (Perm)


Job Responsibilities: prepares intraday reports on staff attendance reconciles attendance daily with employee timesheets against schedule and time-in/ time-out reporting manages changes to scheduling to ensure adequate daily resource coverage communicate with management and operatio...
Finance Manager
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Exp., Manager (Perm)


Job Descriptions: Responsible for the financial, management reporting, budgets, taxation, accounting and audit functions. Supervise & motivate the accounting team to ensure a high standards of work quality Involved in overall finance and accounting functions which encompass general acco...